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You can choose between the below programs. Pick the program that best fits your needs. We will email you some page 1 rankings within seven days and you can see your website on page 1 yourself. This service works great and WILL have your website listed on page 1 within seven days guaranteed or the service is free!


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Choose from one of the below programs. When you get to the order form there is a place for you to input some of the "types" of keywords you believe will be helpful to your business. Additionally we will go to your website and put together a very high quality list of keywords based on the product or service your website is promoting.



$129.95 Per Month

Guaranteed Page 1 Rankings in MSN and Bing.

$149.95 Per Month

Guaranteed Page 1 Rankings in Yahoo.

$199.95 Per Month

Guaranteed Page 1 Rankings in Yahoo and MSN/Bing.

$249.95 Per Month

Guaranteed Page 1 Ranking in Google.

$299.95 Per Month

Guaranteed Page 1 Rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing.


People often ask how many keywords they can expect to show up under. It really depends on your website. However, as a general rule, the majority of clients seen anywhere from 5-12 keywords show up on page 1 within seven days. Since we never stop working on your website, you will tend to see more and more keywords show up on page 1 and throughout the search engines as the months go by.


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